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1 Week Recording Special

Image of 1 Week Recording Special

$500.00 - On Sale

Besides being a songwriter, I've been operating my own studio in Columbus, Ohio since 2008. As of 2010, I'm a certified audio engineer, and will have produced 15 different projects outside of my own. I'm currently offering a wide variety of affordable recording packages to songwriters and bands in need of a quality demo project. Recording rates are $35/hr not including mixing and mastering, but for a limited time I am offering a special price of $500 for a "1-week recording" of a 5-song project, INCLUDING mixing and mastering.

Musicians can schedule recording for 4 hours per day for a 5 day week. Mixing and mastering will be completed during 4 hour sessions on the weekend, to complete the 7-day process. After one week, you will complete a fully recorded, mixed and mastered record, with additional outsourcing, mixing, and mastering options available, conditional to the project budget and preferences.

For scheduling information, project samples, and/or a full list of studio equipment options, you can contact me at