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"RECKLESS ROMANCES" CD, Autographed or In-Plastic.

Image of "RECKLESS ROMANCES" CD, Autographed or In-Plastic.

$9.99 - On Sale

Are you looking for honest songwriting- written, recorded, and produced by the songwriter himself?... Then you've come to the right place.

I'm a former Miami University student who has been hard at work ever since leaving the dorm life behind. During the last two years I have converted my parent's basement into an independent recording studio (you should have seen their faces when they found out what I had done to their house!) After my parents graciously supported the building of my recording studio, I began to use analog/digital recording to produce my songs. I finally released my first independent album, “Reckless Romances” in May of 2010!

I'm a songwriter who strives to put as much "honest" passion into my music as possible. When I write and sing, I often do so to a "streaming video clip" that's playing through my head, reliving my life experiences during each performance. It's my way of overcoming some of the loss, reminding myself of good times, reflecting upon the different emotions that life has thrown my way, and communicating it to you in a meaningful way. Anyone can fake passion. My worst performances and most boring recordings come out when I try and "fake" words or melodies that I don't "feel." In this way, I strive to make honest music, for my sake and yours.

Truly, the heart of a song is more than "melodic math," or "notes on a page." Instead, I believe music is a separate "body" with a powerful voice- a powerful medium of sonic frequencies that communicates "life" in a foreign language spoken by all.

The "Reckless Romances" album spotlights 14 honest songs. Each lyric was written by the same heart and mind, each instrument was performed live (with use of live midi), and each track was mixed and mastered by the original songwriter. In this way, "Reckless Romances" was my brain child, my attempt at creating something organic and personable. For me, it didn't come out near perfect, but I look forward to attempting richer honesty, purer passion, and better physical "technique" on future records.

Aside from my own work, a close friend and extraordinary drummer, Nate King, drummed throughout many songs on the record, adding his own dynamic feel to the course of many of the songs. Through Nate and I's instrumentation, Reckless Romances came to life featuring 10 tracks plus 4 "hidden tracks." When I listen, I feel the tracks twist and turn, bridging acoustic tones with driving beats, combining symphonic orchestrations with distorted electric guitar riffs, all intertwined around lyrics and melodies I know to be honest and personal. Many days, frustrating nights, and "eureka moments" went into the making of "Reckless Romances." I'm excited to share it with you!

As a final note, all the money that goes into purchasing the "Reckless Romances" album is considered a "donation" towards future music projects. Any profit from the "Reckless Romances" album will be better equipment for better recording and CD production costs, not to include Joey's frequent purchase of 24k gold chains, 17" rims, drug scandals, and money "thrown in the air."

I appreciate your investments in me and my new music on the "Reckless Romances" CD. I would love to correspond with you if you have any feedback, encouragement, questions or suggestions! Please contact me at JoeyHendrickson@Me.Com or find me on facebook- Hendrickson